Senior Product Owner – Full Remote

Full Remote / Permanent Contract / Start Date: ASAP

At Agroptima we’re developing a SaaS (app+web) made with farmers and for farmers. We have 2500+ customers that use our product to manage and improve their farms. Our vision is to make agriculture more efficient, profitable and sustainable with data-driven farming.

We work full-remote since 6 years ago and we are advocates of the well-done remote work, which is quite different from the rushed-by-covid remote work. We firmly believe that it is the best way of working and we’ll continue full-remote after the covid limitations. 

Doing it well for us means having the right communication tools, ensuring that everything happens online, feeling the human proximity despite the distance (with different types of online social activities within working hours), etc. We are so passionate about it that the women in the team even gave a talk (in Spanish) about it – you can watch it here.

We are looking for a new team member that can manage the product of Agroptima. Someone that develops the vision of what’s next, manages the everyday engineering processes to reach this vision, and ensures that our users get the best UX with an ever improving product that is exactly what they need.

Your role and main responsabilities:

  • Translate Business goals into product vision.
  • Gather feedback from all the teams on how product can take us to achieving our vision: marketing, design, engineering, customer success and sales.
  • Autonomously create your plan for product improvements / innovations. 
  • Update team on product strategy and mid-long term roadmap / vision.
  • Conduct the design and development processes following the agile techniques.
  • Craft, groom and prioritize the backlog, collaborating with the whole team (business, agronomy, design, development, QA…).
  • Develop user stories and define initial acceptance criteria.
  • Make sure we have the right product documentation before and after an epic. 
  • Collect and manage the customer feedback.
  • Contribute to the product organization, product methodology and company culture.
  • Keep track of industry trends and competing solutions to our customer’s needs.

How we work:

  • We are 10 people in the engineering team including product, development, design/UX, QA, and a bot named Bender. Do you wanna know a little bit more about us? Here we are! Ferran, Amalia, Laura, Nuria, Quique, Arias, Vero, Pardiez, Vicent, and Tony.
  • We try to follow the lean and agile principles. 
  • We do many customer interviews and user tests, and we are introducing LeanUX.
  • We like to deliver value to our customers as soon as possible by splitting our features and epics in small pieces, like in this famous example
  • We do flexible sprints of 1 or 2 weeks (depending on the team preferences).
  • We release code to production multiple times per day.
  • We have a close relationship with our customers, which gives us very good and useful qualitative feedback.

What you bring:

  • Experience (>3 years) as Product Owner or in Product Management.
  • Excellent communication skills with all the stakeholders: users, customers, team…
  • Knowledge of user research techniques.
  • Strong focus in UX and empathising with users.
  • Organized person that likes to document everything.
  • Fluent in Spanish and good written English

Even better if you have:

  • Database+SQL knowledge, to be able to get and analyse user data yourself.
  • Understanding of the development processes and even some development experience yourself, to understand also how the code works.
  • Fancy doing QA from time to time.
  • Passion for agriculture and knowledge of the industry.

What we offer:

  • True full-remote work in a consolidated distributed team (in different parts of Spain).
  • Very flexible calendar and schedule.
  • Agile environment.
  • 40k €/year brutto salary initially plus 2,5k € increase for each anniversary at Agroptima.
  • 500 €/year training budget: courses, conferences, books…
  • Spanish permanent employment contract.
  • A good work environment in a very innovative and dynamic company.
  • Social online events to keep the human touch remotely: daily 15-min agro-breaks, monthly blind coffees, monthly social hours (leisure activities)… All in working hours!
  • 2-3 in-person team events per year, like farm visits, escape rooms, or other leisure activities (with the covid situation we do remote leisure and team-building events!).

We hope that you like this opportunity! Take part in the digitalization of agriculture. Write to us at