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Easily record your agricultural operations, get instant traceability and know your costs and yields


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Do you need to manage the field more efficiently?

Keep track of your farms in 1 single place with Agroptima’s agricultural software. You will be able to track real and updated information in any device.

register farm work

You can easily record your farm work

Register your operations or those done by your team with our agricultural app and get your complete information instantly at the office.

john deere Now you can also automatically send data from John Deere Operations Center to Agroptima.

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The convenience of consulting your data in real time

With our agricultural software you will quickly get access the complete information of each field: treatments, location, workers…

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official reports

Meets Traceability requirements

Phytosanitary and fertilizer reports, Global GAP, Ecological, among others.

Get in few clicks personalized reports with the official codes of the SIGPAC fields, registration number of phytosanitary products, etc.

More information about The official field report

Increase your profitability with our Cost Control features

Identify the most productive and profitable fields, crops and varieties. Know the cost of each activity and make better decisions.

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You can start today to have a deep control of your agricultural business

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Agroptima adapts to your crop

Fruit and citrus

Fruit and




Wineries and


Cereals and
extensive crops

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Olive grove
and nut trees

Manage your team efficiently

Task planification and digital work orders

Get your team job reports without delays

Share your field position with anyone

Control your personnel costs

What do our customers think?


Grupo Castell del Remei – 100 ha, Vineyard

Lleida, Spain

“Agroptima’s great advantage is the immediate control”.

Joel Díaz. Field manager

arable crops

Sarl Bartheau E.T.A – 5250 ha, Cereals and other extensive crops

Pays de la Loire, France

Now I can check in a moment what others have done”.
Lucas Bartheau. Versatile employee


FHF de Fontellas – 485 ha, Fruits and vegetables

Navarra, Spain

“We know the yields per ha of our crops”.
Eukene Élez. Agricultural technician

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Castell del Remei
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Fito your seeds & Agroptima

Digitize your farm


Agroptima is the most agile and intuitive agricultural management software for control and registration of Farm businesses. Forget about paperwork reports and accelerate your planification and distribution of agricultural tasks through our agricultural app. You will gain speed in your traceability and you will improve the cost control of your company. With Agroptima’s agricultural software you will be able to access your farm information from a single place. You’ll also be able to download reports that will help you to succeed in your official report inspections: Activity report, Fertilizer Notebook, Global GAP, Ecological report, among others. Join the digitization of agriculture with Agroptima.