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Register your daily operations on your phone, forget about paperwork and improve your bottom line.

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Managing your farm
will become much easier

With Agroptima you can register your daily operations on the field from your phone, have all your data on the cloud and access it whenever you want.

Register everything from your phone

Agroptima mobile app is like an electronic notebook. Register your daily operations on the field with all the details you need.

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Real time data at your fingertips

Instantly all data will be on your personal account, safe and only accessible by you.

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Official reports

Phitosanitary and Fertilization reports are necessary all around Europe. We make it easy for you to download them with just a few clicks.

Increase your profitability by controlling your margins

Identify the crops and varieties that add more to your bottom line. By knowing the cost of your daily operations you will be able to make better decisions.

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Agroptima adapts
to your farm


Row crops







Olive trees



Farm management software reinvented

Locate your fields
via GPS

your fields

on Excel


Why the best use Agroptima?


JOAN – 150 ha, row crops

“Thanks to Agroptima I have all the data I need to make better decisions.”


XAVIER – 110 ha, row crops & vineyard

“It’s fantastic to get home with all your notes backed online!”


PERE – 70 ha, Cereal

“Now I know if a crop is more or less profitable and I can make better decisions for the next season.”

Application farming map

Thousands of farms already use Agroptima

Distinguished enterprises
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Agroptima is the most powerful agricultural software for farming business management. Manage your agricultural holdings with Agroptima, the easiest and most intuitive way to record all your activities online on your field journal and have control regarding your holding and management expenses. We are Agroptimists: we are optimist, modern, honest people and eager to giving one’s all each day, like our users. We believe in the farmers. They are the focus of everything we do. We believe you are the key element for agriculture future. We continuously improve: we believe everything can be improved. Agroptima grows every day thanks to your contributions to build the best farming business management software. For 5 years, which has given us a lot of experience, we have contributed to improve the work of more than 2,000 farmers. Our team is composed of farmers and passionate people about the agricultural world, what is remarkable because satisfaction of farmers who work with Agroptima is our goal.