¿What is Agroptima?

What is Agroptima?

Agroptima is a tool designed by farmers like you to manage their fields in a modern and efficient way. Agroptima consist in a mobile APP and a WEB account. The APP is like an electronic notebook where you write the activities that you do in the field (planting, fertilize, harvest…). The web account is the analysis and management tool of the information you have entranced, when you arrive at home or in the office. You can see how fast is to introduce tasks on the mobile in this video.

Which is the difference between the mobile APP and the WEB account?

The mobile APP serves to write tasks from the field, is “an electronic notebook” that is use day by day. The WEB account is where the information is saved and where you can management and analyses the activities done, control the stock, manage the workers, download the field notebook in seconds, etc.

Agroptima complies with the european and spanish regulations?

Yes. You could generate easly field notebooks in agrement with current legislation.

Agroptima is thought for cooperatives, technical or advisors?

Yes. Agroptima have a module for cooperatives, technical and advisors, which allows managing different farmer accounts very easyily. You could try it without any compromise too.

Requirements of using

What is needed to use Agroptima?

For the mobile APP you need a smartphone with minimum Android 4.0.3 or iOS 8. For the WEB account you need a computer with internet.

Agroptima works with a tablet?

Yes, the APP is for mobile and iPad or Android tablets, even though the most of the farmers use the APP on mobile because they always were it with them.

Which are the recommended browsers?

We recommend Google Chrome 2.0 or higher: http://www.google.com/chrome. If your browser is older we recommend you to update it or download Chrome to guarantee that Agroptima works correctly.

Working on cloud

Where is saved all the information I introduce?

It is stored on the cloud, it means, in our server in a complete safety way. Some advantatges of cloud are: program is always upload, you can access to your information from every browser with your name and password, automatic backups…

If I don’t have 3G/wifi coverage while I am working with the tractor the APP works also?

Yes, even though you don’t have connection 3G/wifi, something frequent in the field, the APP mobile will keep working at 100% and when it finds internet information will be send automatically to the cloud.

Security and privacity

My data are safe?

Absolutely. The security and privacity of your data are of vital importance for us. Every information you save in Agroptima is sended encrypted to our servers, which have obtained the SSL certificate from an official certificate authority ( COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA)

Moreover, Agroptima guarantees you that comply with the regulation to protect personal data. In agreement with the articles 5 and 6 of the LOPD, data provided by users become part of an automated file, which has been registered in the Registro General de Protección de Datos de la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD)

For more details you can consult our privacy policy.

Start up with Agroptima

¿How I can start?

Enter here and ask for a demo. The process is 1) Create your WEB account 2) Download the mobile APP 3) Watch the videotutorials and start working in a few minuts.

The next times you want to entrance in your WEB account go to app.agroptima.com and login with your email and password.

Trial period

How works the trial period?

When you create your WEB account of Agroptima you will have 15 natural days to try Agroptima with 100% of the features, without compromise. You don’t have to pay anything either give any credit card. Try it, we are sure you will like it 🙂

Is there any license cost, installation or initial training not covered by the pricing page?

No. There isn’t any additional cost to the stipulated prices.

Do I have to give my credit card number for trying Agroptima?

No, you don’t have to give any data of payment.


Which is the price of Agroptima?

Agroptima have an annual fee because of plant protection products, agricultural reality and technology advance very fast. The best way to offer you the best product and the best service is doing it by an annual fee. In Agroptima you will recive a personal attention by our team.

You could see our plans here. This pack includes the mobile APP and the WEB account, online formation, customer care and every upload needed in agricultural terms and software.

You can check what includes the farmer account here.

Can I cancel my account when I want?

Of course. And if for something you need to cancel your account subscription, your data will keep being available in your account without cost.

Fields importation

Can I import all of my fields automatically?

You can create all your fields automatically importing a shapefile.

This file contains the field boundaries and may have been supplied by government services, exported from your farm machinery or GPS devices.

Send the shapefile to support@agroptima.com and we will import them in your Agroptima account and notify you when gets ready (it can take just 1 or 2 days).

I have farms rented from other owners. How can I enter this fields on my account?

You can create different farms and create every field separately. In this way, you can get an individual management for every farm, and if you need reports or the field notebook you will be able to do it separately.

I manage different farms, is there any area restriction?

You can manage the different farms you manage in the same account. From 800 ha of extensive crops and from 250 ha of intensive crops, you must take to the Enterprise Plan that allows you to manage unlimited data.

Can I work in groups of fields instead of fields individually?

Yes. You can join fields in a group and give the name you want.

Can I introduce jobs that I do for others farmers or customers that ask me a report?

Yes. You can introduce customers fields in your account and write the activities done with the mobile APP, in order to remember the details of the activity done when they ask for it. You will be able to print a list of all activities done for every customer.