Best farm management software

Agroptima is an agricultural software in the cloud (you can work with it from wherever and whenever you want) that allows the farmer to easily and intuitively manage the agronomic and economic management of their farm and to comply with agricultural laws.
Join the best technology for your day to day in the fields.

Why do you need agriculture management system?

You need Agroptima because having your data always with you will allow you to improve the results of your farm and focus on what is most important, your farming business.

Thanks to agri software applications like Agroptima you will forget to go with papers up and down, you will never lose any data, Agroptima saves them for you.


Agriculture software – Agroptima’s features

  • Management of agricultural work: Record your work from the field and have your data always at your fingertips.
  • Geolocalization of plots: Draw or import your plots and paint them according to crops, varieties, etc.
  • Information on phytosanitary products, seeds, fertilizers: Database of thousands of products.
  • Generation of Field Journal and Fertilizers: In just one click, you will have your Official Report ready to present.
  • Control stock movements: You will know at all times that you have in your warehouses to be able to keep a control and a good planning.
  • Control of costs and income: Enter your prices and Agroptima automatically calculates the costs of your farm and farming activities.
  • Work with or without Internet: The Agroptima APP works without needing to be connected to the Internet.

Why are we the best software for agriculture?

Our numbers guarantee us. Agroptima has a rating above 4.5 over 5 stars in the app stores and more than 2,000 customers already work with us every day. Are you in?