Agribusiness management - Controlling
farm costs

Farmers who perform their agricultural finance management with Agroptima are more profitable, save 10 working hours a week and reduce their cost of production. Control your agricultural costs the easiest way.


The most precise and smoothly agribusiness management

Enter your prices just once, easily and without any need to upload invoices or compare stocks in order to have real data about your agricultural finances.

You can pay down whatever kind of activities on your holdings, with fixed prices like rentings or insurances, or with variables ones like fertilization applications for a series of fields.


Manage your agricultural finances during a crop season

Get results day after day, and detect when you do not generate profit doing more activities on a field or crop before losing money.

You can even go beyond fundamentals in your management and record the time spent on your jobs.


Analyze your holdings and take better decisions instantly

Do not lose more time doing the math at season end. Agroptima gives you results automatically and in real time, so that holdings financial management gets easier for you.

When you sit in front of your computer, we would like you to be able to directly do analysis and make decisions that maximize your profit margin.

And if you might have any questions, our customer service team is always available.


Detect what fields, crops and varieties are more profitable

Quickly compare your fields and identify what areas, practices, crops and varieties generate more profit on your holding.

For example, Agroptimist Toni found out that he saves €6,000 a year using an organic compost instead of a chemical fertilizer.

Start now controlling your agricultural costs with the leading APP for agribusiness management in Spain, present in several European countries and Latin America.


Are your ready to improve your margins?