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A revolutionary map that changes

Locate your fields and crops, see its surface. You will never get lost.

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A field notebook on your pocket

Note everything you imagine, even without internet connection. With the superfast APP you will say goodbye to papers.






Working time



Working time

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No problem

The only APP that works entirely without internet connection.

Your data online in one place

Tus actividades se guardan al acto en tu cuenta web, a la que podrás acceder con tu contraseña. Aumentar tu rentabilidad y tomar mejores decisiones ya es posible.

Easy personalized reports

Automatic stock movements registration

Crop calendar

Search historical data

Work from the map

Draw your fields, combine or group them. You can choose from 5 satellite image types.

Geo localize your fields

Draw fields

Combine fields

Group fields

Phitosanitary use reports

Download and print European traceability reports (only in Spanish).

Agroptima Costs. Even more pro.

Identify your most profitable crops. Agroptima easily and automatically calculates for you the bottom line of your crops. You can register the price of your inputs and Agroptima will do the numbers.

Automated calculation

Input price historical data

Compare crops and varieties

Intuitive reports

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