Prepare your fertilization calendar

Get the best performance for your farm and save in costs preparing a program and fertilization calendar. Give to the ground what is really needs and, at the same time, bigger margins for you.


Why do a fertilizer program

Fertilizer manufacturers give you quite general recommendations on product quantities per hectarea.

Following these recommendations to the letter might be harmful for your holding and your results.. Why? Very easy: many particular factors in regard of your farm are not beared in mind, like ground nutrient balance, weather or crop type.


Improve your margins with a fertilization schedule

At Agroptima, we are creating the future of agriculture, and we want to commit to you in order to help you keep growing.

Therefore, if you are among those who do not know very well how to apply a pro fertilizer program, we make resources available to you: on our blog, you are going to find articles to help you establish the best fertilizer plan and to understand from how to do a better fertilization schedule for citrus to tips on foliar fertilization.

You will achieve to prepare a fertilization calendar and program that will allow you not to use more product than is required or to fall short, not getting to supply the plants’ nutritive needs. This way, you are reducing expenses and increasing your margins.


The notebook made easy

Many farmers do not realise an optimum plan and fertilizer schedule because it is crucial to have written down data for one or several years on the notebook.

Maintaining a register on paper is not effective and implies headaches. However, yo do that on an APP with Agroptima, recording your data in a tidy way and being able to check them later, even without any network service.

Moreover, you will be able to download your notebook with one click whenever you need it. Specially useful for:

  • Slurries and manures: in different places, to declare your applications is required by law.
  • Inspections: you will have very few time to prepare your documentation and there could be incorrect data, causing fines.