Software for plant protection products

Having a phytosanitary software is essential today for any farmer or agrarian company that wants to comply with the regulation of sustainable use of phytosanitary products present in many countries. It is the only way not to fall into the spiral of despair of records and documentation.


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Phytosanitary software: the solution to save time and money

Until now, in order to keep phytosanitary records, many farmers were lost in piles of paper that ended up half dirty and forgotten in the tractor cabin or in any corner of the warehouse. Then, as soon as an inspection arrives, which affects more than 1% of the farmers in several countries, like Spain, you end up going to a consultant or technician to prepare all the documentation in a hurry, with the extra cost and the nerves it entails.

Fortunately, their legislation explicitly states that all phytosanitary records required of producers can be kept in electronic format. This opens the door for you to implement a phytosanitary program to streamline your operations and reduce bureaucracy without taking any risks.


Phytosanitary program for peace of mind while complying with the law

Although phytosanitary regulations have been in force for several years now, and many farmers have had surprise inspections from their agricultural Ministry, many still do not have any phytosanitary software, and are sometimes unaware of what records they should have up to date to make sure they do not have problems.

What documentation could you carry with phytosanitary software?

  • The register of phytosanitary actions, within the advisory documentation for non-exempt crops.
  • Records of transactions with phytosanitary products, for producers and distributors of phytosanitary products for professional use.
  • Records of acquisition and application operations for professional users whose activities include the provision of phytosanitary treatment services.
  • The well-known Field Notebook, mandatory for all farms, can also be kept with a phytosanitary software.

Which phytosanitary software is best for me?

When looking for a phytosanitary program you will find several options on the market. It must be taken into account that not every management tool is useful. Some of the essential functions that you should demand from a phytosanitary software are:

  • Mobile App to work from the field/tractor.
  • Operation without Internet service.
  • Built-in SIGPAC.
  • Updated MAPAMA product register.
  • Stock control and phytosanitary warehouses.
  • Automatic field notebook.
  • Download of all records in Excel.

At Agroptima we are experts in farm management software and we offer all the previous functions for phytosanitary. After 5 years with our agricultural management application we have helped thousands of farmers to complete their phytosanitary records and pass the field notebook inspections.

If you also want to save time and the peace of mind of having all the phytosanitary documentation up to date with a powerful software, look no further and try Agroptima for free – You’ll fall in love!